Entertainment Available at Tri State Enterprises

MaxFusion On-Demand Electronic Ticket System

MaxFusion On-Demand is an electronic ticket system which dispenses actual tickets that are printed at the time of purchase.

• Print On-Demand holds 15,000 tickets per machine!
• Unlimited number of games and pull tab sizes!
• Exciting, interactive and high definition graphics!
• Slanted profile keeps players comfortable and engaged!
• Great for island display and visual site lines.

TouchTunes Playdium Media Center

The next generation entertainment platform, Playdium delivers a tailored music experience that reflects the unique musical taste of each venue.

• Playdium is a breakthrough platform that allows venues to select from a variety of Music Profiles to tailor the experience to their unique vibe.
• Promotes The Most Relevant Music
• A 23-inch touchscreen, subtle lighting, and angled reflective surfaces create the perfect entertainment centerpiece for any venue.
• Great for island display and visual site lines.

Nevada Gold Pull Tab Dispensing Machine

The ultrafast and completely reliable Nevada Gold ticket dispenser is the ultimate pull tab ticket selling tool!

• Fastest dispensers in North America!
• Dispenses 7 tickets per second
• Quick and easy transactions
• Each column holds up to 1,000 tickets
• Wide variety of tickets to play
• Dispenses 1, 3 and 5 window tickets directly below the column, in individual outlets
• Variable pricing per column
• Quick front-loading ticket slots
• Accurate sales recording for easy tracking
• Completely secure and easy to maintain

eBOT Ticket Dispenser

The all new eBOT Dispenser is a new generation ticket dispenser that engages the player in the winning experience.

• Quick and easy transactions
• Machine holds 20,000 plus tickets!
• Sales totals are securely tracked
• Ticket deals can be spread across multiple machines
• All machines at a location are networked to a site game server
• Solid construction
• 21.5" touch screen
• Colorful animated graphics
• Setup different games for different charity


Arcade Games

With 59 years in game business, we have the newest games available in our industry. We have what will make your event special for years to come.